Abaddon (Daemon of the Desert Sands) [with Jimmy Keegan & Sean Fairchild]

from To sleep perchance to dream by Robert Svilpa



early version - no vocals yet. Jimmy Keegan on drums, Sean Fairchild on bass guitars.Rob on everything else



I am the servant of the darkness,
The consumer of all that is real
The serpent that pervades your dreams
None of what you see is really what it seems
The forked tongue in the garden of Eden
The charlatan in the Judaean Desert
The haboob blows through here each year
Bringing with it overwhelming loathing and fear

I was there when the sun was first lit
And when the ground of Chicxulub was hit
I was just fooling when Krakatoa exploded
And when the circuits of the northeast overloaded
I gave the box that tempted Pandora opened
Epimetheus’ fate release of evil and misery on an unsuspecting world
Wearing the beaked mask of black death I wandered
The failed engineering that caused Chernobyl to implode

A thousand simultaneous suns Arising in the sky
Might equal that great radiance, With that great glory vie.
Fright and amazement entered Arjuna; his hair stood on end
As Vishnu I am become Death, the destroyer of worlds

Ever creeping up behind in pursuit
The nothing consuming Fantastica by its roots
In reality Ouroboros in a never ending chase
Consuming its’ own tail in an accelerating pace
No matter how one tries to curtail the destruction
You my child will be run over in your obstruction


Sleep, child there is nothing you can do
The end is inevitable and the forces aligned against you
The challenges and problems your species has yet to face
Acknowledge that we are at the end of the human race...


from To sleep perchance to dream, released December 31, 2020
Robert Svilpa - guitars, keyboards, vocals
Sean Fairchild - bass guitars
Jimmy Keegan - drums & percussion


all rights reserved



Robert Svilpa Orlando, Florida

Robert Svilpa is an independent Progressive Rock multi-instrumental artist, vocalist & musician with four full releases available on Spotify, Amazon Music, YT Music, iTunes, Pandora & many other networks.

Robert Svilpa - guitars, keyboards, bass & vocals

Andy Edwards, Jimmy Keegan, John Jowitt, Todd Sucherman, Durga McBroom, Brian Timpe,
Sean Fairchild,
Marc Miller, Chris Cullman & more
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