8​:​46 (featuring Durga McBroom)

from To Sleep, Perchance to Dream by Robert Svilpa



A music bed that started as a live YouTube stream jamming on an idea and building it into song form in less than one hour, then when it came time to write lyrics it became a protest song in response to the George Floyd murder and the protests that followed. Many many thanks to Durga McBroom who both provided validation for the lyrics and then gave them life when she sang and recorded them for this song.


People gather in pairs, in groups, in crowds
To remember these words whispered like a shout out loud
Nothing noble, but still truly profound
You would need to listen hard, listen for their sound
The people watching did whatever they could
The man who kneeled on his neck I’m sure he understood
I can’t breathe, man

Eight minutes and forty six seconds was what it took
To extinguish one flame, ignite the fire in the roots
No one knew this spark could enflame people so quick
Branch to branch, leaf to leaf, word of mouth like rubbing two sticks
These words make it clear, there’s no compromises here
I can't breathe, man!
I can't breathe, man!

<guitar solo>

The riot gear, disregard of human rights, the gas bringing up tears
The chants of the protestors are still ringing in my ears
We may be black, white, brown, yellow, red
What’s the reason more of one color ends up dead?
Those words are shouted, there are no compromises here
I can't breathe, man

All the while an orange man leers and smiles
Refusing blame for everything but stoking the fire with his words
Speaking in forked tongue things his people want to hear
While the rest of us stand in horror, our eyes filled with tears
In frustration we march, chant these words and stand our ground
I can't breathe, man!
I can't breathe, man!
I can't breathe, man!


from To Sleep, Perchance to Dream, releases January 9, 2022
Robert Svilpa - all guitars, keyboards
Durga McBroom - all vocals
Jerry Marotta - drums & percussion
Marc Miller - bass guitars
Robert Schindler (Robeone) - electric pianos, solo synthesizer


all rights reserved



Robert Svilpa Orlando, Florida

Robert Svilpa is an independent Progressive Rock multi-instrumental artist, vocalist & musician with four full releases available on Spotify, Amazon Music, YT Music, iTunes, Pandora & many other networks.

Robert Svilpa - guitars, keyboards, bass & vocals

Andy Edwards, Jimmy Keegan, John Jowitt, Todd Sucherman, Durga McBroom, Brian Timpe,
Sean Fairchild,
Marc Miller, Chris Cullman & more
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