October, and finally some tracks are making progress...

Really quick update, as it's 11:39 pm Thursday here in Seattle and I'm needing to get my slightly jet lagged butt to bed soon.

Electronic Drums - oh how I love/hate them...

Over the past several months I've been assembling quite a number or "stems" or bits of ideas - some more complete than others - and recording them into these nondescript projects on my PC. They all have some weird project name that may or may not have anything to do with the end product, but at least they're saved and the name is somewhat memorable and descriptive enough to tell me what was happening in them. Where I put drums in, they were usually sample loops or midi loops, or I programmed them in just to have a driver to push stuff along.

Well, I have an alternative to that now.

The Alesis drum kit I got from an Amazon gold box sale (returns/refurbs drastically reduced in price) with a gift card I had has been morphed over months of working through issues. Gone is the Alesis module and Alesis Trigger IO, replaced with this box built by Dmitri that is called the MegaDrum. 18 inputs allows me to get a decent representation of a 7 piece kit with the Alesis and 2Box drum pads, and a Roland hihat with 4 crash and 1 ride triggers. It's taken me an entire week to get the thing configured with the Superior Drummer 3 software on my PC but it's now working and I can really start practicing my drum chops and come up with my own drum parts for the song. I already started by messing around with "Raga in A Major" on the drums - tribal drums to go along with the droney riff and then traditional drumming for the verses. I also messed around on "Floyd Thing" (yes it's kind of like PF) - no keeper takes but proof of concept and that allowed me to further tweak the midi trigger levels to get better results.

This should unblock me to get a lot of non-Paraesthesia songs out of my system - clear out the logjam and maybe turn them into a solo release so that more interesting proggy stuff frees up for the band.

As I mentioned above, there's a lot of material now to sort through. I also have this thing going through my head that's really heavy that came to mind while I was on the boat last week - it's a big crashy suspended guitar extravaganza that brings Zappa and/or Max Webster to mind, and would allow me to open up some almost Holdsworthian soloing on top of it.

Ok, going to bed now. Ciao!

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