January 9, 2018

Progress continues to be slow in the music thing although I'm really focusing much of my attention & efforts on the instrumental piece. I did sit down last weekend for about 45 minutes with my nylon string and recorded a nice progression that is inspiring, but nothing more than just something to make sure it doesn't get lost in time. I'm at the stage with the instrumental tune where I'm trying variations of what is becoming or are becoming the melodic themes of the new long piece. I'm following the example of one of my musical heroes Mike Oldfield but desperately trying not to sound like I'm copping Oldfield's style. I'm also working in new sounds and textures into the instrumental - more so than any of my compositions from the past, I want to be able to incorporate the ambient and the mood imbued by soundtracks done by Peter Gabriel (Birdy, Last Temptation of Christ), Tangerine Dream (Legend), Trent Reznor, Bear McCreary, etc... I've also got myself a nice slightly beat up Epiphone Les Paul Standard that I'm pimping out - new classic Grover tuners with the tulip knobs, new Seymour Duncan pickups and the pickup mounting rings with the microswitches allowing the JP wiring. It's tuned in the New Standard Tuning (C, G, D, A, E, G) and with custom string gauges that make playing the super low C and the high G not too stressful. I'm going to try my hand at some Fripp type soundscapes, as well as take advantage of the intervallic spacing the 5ths give for some interesting arpeggio patterns.

I've been continuing to work on my drum chops - in conjunction with getting the MegaDrums module set up as good as possible with the mesh head pads. I'm still thinking of adding an Octapad type thing to the kit - those things give a lot of options for being able to both play high tuned percussion like Octabans or tuned cymbals, but also to trigger loops and samples, or even use them to start/stop Cubase from the drum throne. Many options exist, and an Alesis Control Pad can be had pretty cheaply...

Anyways, just thought I'd make an appearance here and let everyone know we're still around. We still have some semblance of a sense of humor so we still have hope to put something great together and blow everyone away. 

Finally, just want to make a shout out to my cousin Ed, who I think joined the mailing list. Happy New Year cousin!!

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