Paraesthesia (n)  is an abnormal sensation such as tingling, tickling, pricking, numbness or burning of a person's skin with no apparent physical cause. The manifestation of a paraesthesia may be transient or chronic.

Paraesthesia the band has been together as a project entity since 2007, when the foursome of Robert Svilpa, Paul Harrington, John Hernandez and Mark Parris began writing and rehearsing new material with the intention of recording a full band CD. Through the next two and a half years, both the band and the music morphed and changed into what eventually came out as the album "a fine line between..." in July of 2009. With various life events taking precedence for each of the remaining members, the band went on hiatus with the album sitting and waiting for a pass at a full mix/master and formal release - which happened in January of 2016. Since then, the band has been starting to play the material live and settling into today's configuration with Rob, Paul and John being joined by Marc Miller - bassist extraordinare.

Robert Svilpa has been playing / writing music his entire life. The primary composer and vocalist of the band, he’s also the guitarist/2nd keyboardist and with respect to recorded product – the producer of the project. Robert has been playing professionally for more than 25 years including time as a studio guitarist/keyboardist, engineer, live guitarist / vocalist and producer who has worked on many projects over the years. In 1998 Robert left his native Canada and relocated to Seattle WA - adapting his technology skills to build his own computer based home studio. From there he wrote, recorded and released his first CD Onion (2000) and then a triumphant second CD called The Sound of Thoughts (2005).

Paul Harrington is co-composer and keyboardist of the band. Bringing influences that cover formal training in piano and organ, choral and solo vocals, Paul has helped incorporate electronic textures, euro dance rhythms and classical piano into the band's material. Paul has stated he has been influenced by the writing of Stock, Aitken, Waterman and 80's music - including that highbrow series of releases in the "Now... That's What I Call Music" series. Hailing from the UK, Paul was hired by a software company straight out of Cambridge University, "moved to Seattle, got married, had a kid, listened to a lot of techno and EDM". 

John Hernandez is the drums/percussionist and heartbeat of the band. With a background as varied and diverse as any in the band, John also very actively playing out in Seattle area tribute bands Fade to Black and Maiden Seattle. John brings the precision of Neil Peart, the creativity of Haken's Ray Hearne and the energy of Mike Portnoy into the material and all live performances raising the band to the next level.

Bassist and multi-instrumentalist Marc Miller is a lifelong musician who started playing violin at age 3 and switched to bass at age 6, making his professional debut playing for Mickey Gilley at the tender age of 13 and never looked back. After attending the prestigious Berklee College of Music in Boston in the early 80’s, Marc spent many years in Los Angeles as a studio and session bassist and audio engineer, playing a long list of luminaries such as Sheryl Crow, Kevin Gilbert, Bill Bottrell, Gerry Rafferty and Daryl Hall as well as numerous national and international tours. In 1995, he left Los Angeles for Seattle, Washington where he still maintains a busy session and live calendar and runs his own recording studio, Cascade Hills Studios. His favorites bands and artists are too numerous to mention, but include Genesis, King Crimson, Kansas, Yes, Big Big Train, The Flower Kings, Peter Gabriel, Weather Report and The Beatles. Marc is also co-owner of Regenerate Guitar Works and Honey Badger Pickups.

Guitarist Art Bromage is the newest addition to the band - he used to play with Marc in a band called Crimson Fable down in LaLaLand, collects (or rather is obsessed over) overdrive and distortion pedals, and is able to pull wicked tone from his two Grosh guitars (one strat style and one tele style). He is a Mesa/Boogie endorsee and sold Rob the Mesa Stiletto combo that features prominently in the rig. Rush, Genesis, Porcupine Tree, Allan Holdsworth, and all the usual suspects populate Art's list of influences.

In 2016, the band released their CD titled a fine line between… - an ambitious concept album with accompanying short story (in writing stage at this time). 80 minutes of music spanning diverse styles from symphonic ballads thru ambitious progressive rock and metal. Self produced and recorded at home with contributions from world renowned musicians Nick D'Virgilio, Andy Edwards, Zsolt Galantai and Alan Morse - the CD has been getting universal acclaim for the production quality and musical content. The band and the album have been featured on a number of internet radio programs including The Waiting Room with The Prog Doctor, NewEARS Prog Show, Epics for All Time, and / CKIA FM 88.3.

The new year also brought new activity - both re-mastered and recreated back catalog releases (The Sound of Thoughts [June 30] and Onion [Date TBA]. Writing of the next album is commencing, the band is starting to assemble bits and pieces together into more coherent works that will be recorded throughout this year (2017) with a goal of having a completed product in 2018.

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The 2017 edition of the band:  

Robert Svilpa - guitars, stunt keyboards and vocals 
Paul Harrington - keyboards and vocals 
Art Bromage - guitars, stunt guitars
Marc Miller - bass guitars and vocals
John Hernandez - drums, electronic percussion/samples and vocals   

Guest Musicians on "a fine line between...":  
Nick D'Virgilio - drums  
Andy Edwards - drums  
Zsolt Galantai - drums  
Alan Morse - guitar on Mesmerize

Guest Musicians
on "The Sound of Thoughts"
Oliver Wakeman - piano on Pentelho Vermelho
Brian Timpe - bass guitar
Heinz Schuller - drums
Eric Meisels - lead guitar
Mark Tomko - Chapman Stick, double bass

a fine line between...           (1st edition - 2009; remix/remaster released Dec 2015)  
The Sound of Thoughts      (original release 2005; redux version released July 2016)  
Onion                                 (original release 2000; redux version TBA)

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