To sleep perchance to dream

by Robert Svilpa

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Dreamscape - Level 1 Eyes closing, Morpheus whispering Soothing ethers slowly taking hold Like drowning in twilight Falling down into the pitch black void below The sensation of flying No fear of dying Trusting in the hands of God to carry me home Now I’m floating through cotton candy Technicolor vista unfolds in my eyes What is this adventure I’ve found myself in The wide horizon a cacophony of possibility And music fills my ears soundtrack of my soul (Solo Break) Effortlessly walking on the soft moss Excitement in every step in every move My next experience just around the bend Subconscious mind giving me no clue I may not know where this might lead One direction, forward to experience this surprise Alpha to omega from Sol to Vega travel through time The wide rifts of space filled with roaring silence sublime And music fills my ears the soundtrack of my soul
Doing Intellectual Battle with the Colossus You a great wonder of the world Towering over Rhodes a god or ancient giant Guarding accumulated knowledge of times gone by You keep your silence a sentinel over the scrolls Eye witness of events told in tales of old In my short time I’ve had more of a life than you While its true that you can move and see The world and all it’s glories My legacy will last far beyond you Your puny mind can’t conceive of time Millennial witness to rise and fall of empires Humans only see the immediate, no thought of past and future While the acid rain etches the stone from my face Climate change will eradicate the entire human race Desert sands and rising seas will swallow all arable lands Mark my words it will happen much soon than you think Your words are empty, just inspired to strike fear There’s money to be made by ignoring the warnings Then we’re both lost to time, doomed to ignoble extinction Just don’t say that you didn’t know you closed your eyes and ears to reason


How better to understand primal emotions than to experience them through the eyes, heart and mind of a child? Innocence untarnished - there is no way to assuage the pain through denial, nor is there any restraint in enjoying the visceral sights and pleasures of the imagination.

I'm undertaking the effort to write from the perspective of a child - one who is sleeping and letting the imagination run wild in fantastic and horrifying scenes in their dreams. The joy of entering a colorful world full of childhood temptations without parental supervision, the pain of loss & grief of those close, fear of the unknown that exists in the dark, untarnished love and all that it brings with it.

The album is formed around two intertwining long format compositions split into three movements each. The first of the two opens the album as the dreamer descends into REM sleep, and the second provides the context for the dreaming with the musical and topical themes being formed and melds it into a journey from dusk until dawn within the inner eye of the child.

The final work in a trilogy of albums that go from reflective and dwelling on the upper level feelings and desires for power and insight, through desolation and depression leading to end of life, and now love/hate/fear/joy/sadness/confusion as seen from the perspective of an innocent. This is a double album length project - ~110 minutes in length


releases October 5, 2020

Robert Svilpa - guitars, mandolin, oud, lap steel guitar, keyboards, bass guitar, vocals, drums on Track 2 & 12

Featured guest musicians:
Todd Sucherman - drums/percussion on Tracks 1 & 13
Andy Edwards - drums & percussion on Tracks 6, 7, 8, 11 & 14
John Jowitt - bass guitar on Tracks 6, 7, 8, 11 & 14
Jimmy Keegan - drums & percussion on Tracks 3 & 10
Igor Willcox - drums & percussion on Track 4
Casper Hall - drums & percussion on Track 9
Marc Miller - bass guitars, Chapman Stick, drums & percussion track 12
Sean Fairchild - bass guitars on Track 10
Brian Timpe - bass guitars on Track 3 & 4


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Robert Svilpa Danville, California

Robert Svilpa is an independent Progressive Rock multi-instrumental artist, vocalist & musician with four full releases available on Spotify, Amazon Music, YT Music, iTunes, Pandora & many other networks.

Robert Svilpa - guitars, keyboards, bass & vocals

Andy Edwards, Jimmy Keegan, John Jowitt, Todd Sucherman, Brian Timpe,
Sean Fairchild,
Marc Miller & more
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